Below there are options of historical reconstructions. You can participate in the reconstruction not only as a spectator but as an active participant as well. Unforgettable emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.
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Napoleonic war
You will move in time ... Are you ready? .. 1812 - Time guitar ballads and dangerous duels with sabers and pistols. You can, ride on horseback riding, as well as take part in entertaining games, relay races and competitions since 1812, you will learn what is the social events and dances, and learn how to do exquisite ballroom dancing since Empire. Gallant lancers will demonstrate you their daring and skill. You will see how cleverly can fight at full gallop to snatch the sword from the ground, cut the "enemies" in a furious gallop, raising a spade a lace handkerchief, performed a variety of horse tricks. For you, we are ready to stage the entire time of Napoleon's battles - with the the Russian and French troops, with a rifle and cannon shots and a veil of powder, with the march of infantry and cavalry concerted attacks. 

Knights tournament
You will find yourself in a real medieval world, where it will be interesting to everyone. You can learn how to present a medieval dance, ride a horse or take part in the historic games, contests and relay races. By own eyes you will see demonstrations of noble knights. You will see a variety of equestrian stunts, virtuoso archery at the gallop, at full gallop snatching the sword from the ground, cutting "Saracen heads", raising the veil lance work with “quintin” and much more. In addition you will enjoy the fights on the spears and mass cavalry battle!

Wild West
To say that we are passionate about the glorious history of the Wild West - history of Frontier, North America of the nineteenth century - it does not say anything. We are easy to understand, if Your heart is also longing for these amazing sometimes, when the researcher was face to face with wildlife. Us on the way with those, who seek adventure and joy of discovery. If you agree that this is the horse gives us the opportunity to reconstruct today, long past the beautiful reality - welcome!